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In a world of steampunk, magic is gradually being replaced by science.
Camellia, who is one of the last Spellsmiths, lives her life in a remote village until an unexpected turn of events forces her to leave her hometown and travel to Aderon, the capital city of Graidal. Her close friend Gear chooses to accompany her on a journey that may cost them both their lives.

Game Features

  • Choices matter
  • 10 different endings in full version

Crafting System

  • Gather plants and objects to craft new items
  • Gathering and Alchemy skills level up separately, but are shared in party
  • Primary source of money in game

Battle System

  • Turn based combat
  • Usage of skill types and levelling up unlock new skills

Affection Point System

  • Only valid for Larin, not the others
  • Affection points affect the damage she deals in battle
  • Higher affection points make her share recipes and skills
  • Conversation changes depending on her affection points

Help Corner

  • Access advise anytime ingame
  • Interactive conversation with Eternal Witch Lexia, who has lived for many centuries
  • Learn of the forgotten history of Graidal

Mini Games

  • Solve puzzles in the forest
  • Stealth missions
  • Murder mystery in a winter town (coming soon)

Install instructions

  • Copy the link into a new tab
  • Download game from the link provided
  • Decompress file
  • You're done... Enjoy the game! ^0^




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Hm, some things I'm wondering about:
I was meant to get a blood and white spell . But neither in battle nor outside of it can I find the white spell, only the blood spell is visible O_o

I'm in the mines now , in the first hidden room with the spear in the chest.
For one reason or another I can't leave the room anymore O_o


I'm sorry, there seems to be a bug when leaving the room. :( I'll upload a corrected version in a few hours, you should be able to transfer your save files to the new version once that's done. I'll also add the other things you mentioned, and check why you didn't get the spell.

I'm sorry, our playtesting should have sorted these bugs out...


Sorry for the wait, both links have version 1.1 now, with the bug fixes you need.~ As far as I know, if you move your save file into the folder of the new version, you should be able to leave the room and use the White magic spell. ^-^

Tell me if anything still doesn't work.

Also a cool game.
I especially like the art style.

Guess that pink haired girl is gonna be my waifu if nobody more interesting will show up. :-)

Cool game. I'm just wondering wether there's a way to actually rest in the start village? O_o

Since somewhere an inn in that town is mentioned.
But I couldn't find any.

And crossing the forest including fighting these certain 2 guys without any healing is just too hard! :O

Thanks! :)

I didn't add an inn in the starting village as it's the home town of the protagonists, so there's no need for them to use it (of course not the entire village is included on the starting map, so there is an inn somewhere, you just can't access it).

As for the healing items, you're meant to craft them yourself. Explore the village, especially Camellia's house and you'll find quite a few recipes and empty flasks. If you "use" the recipes in your item menu, they will be added to your crafting menu, and you'll be able to access the ingredients. You can fill the empty flasks at wells and combine them with herbs... you'll get the flasks back after you use the potions, so you don't need to get new ones every time.

The first healing item is called Eidelweiss Potion, its recipe is on the first map after the village.

Hopefully that answered your question. Good luck, hope you enjoy the rest of the game! :D

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Yeah, I got the basic crafting system and also got the edelweiss recipe (since the game literally told me where it was).

Although I didn't expect stuff to be in the starting house, so I might need to look there.

Which was the problem: Since I didn't check the house, I didn't have any flasks and therefor couldn't craft anything yet.
Which arose the question of the inn which is why I asked that question. :-D

So I mostly have to manage to survive by crafting enough healing stuff :-D

Since crossing the forest in one go is kinda impossible in terms of health without healing, either an inn or tons of healing items are needed.

I see... thanks for pointing that out, I'll add some text in that really prompts the player to explore for the next version. I'll probably hide ready-made healing items as well, or add some in the first merchant's stock. :)

Yeah, the game relies on the crafting system quite heavily, especially in the early stages.

Feedback like yours is great, because I never know if something is over-explained or if I assume too much. Feel free to point out any more dodgy content. ;)